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Can you still access, display and export your old computer data? If the answer is maybe, perhaps or simply don’t know, wait no longer. Do not let photographs, text documents, spreadsheets or other digital content become corrupt and eventually inaccessible. In these cases your data is lost forever! To offer our clients another chance at their data preservation and perpetuation, we collect and maintain a wide selection of obsolete disc, memory card as well as tape-based drives and readers. The latter part of this documents discusses the reliability of recordable CDs, and possibilities of rescuing data from previously ‘unreadable’ discs.

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Disc formats we can currently process:

Compact Disc (all derivatives)

Digital Versatile Disc, DVD (all derivatives)

Blu-Ray Disc Mini Disc-based formats (all derivatives)

Jaz Disk (1/2 GB versions)

Zip Disk (100/250 MB versions)

SyQuest (44/88 MB versions)

Sony M.O. (Magneto-Optical Disc), 44/88 MB versions


Tape formats:

DAT, DDS (all versions)

ZX microdrive

Sony AIT format (8mm videocassette)

Quantum DLT


Memory card types:

Compact Flash

SD, Mini/Micro (Secure Digital), all versions

Smart Media Card

MMC (Multimedia Card)

MS (Memory Stick), all versions

xD Picture Card



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HDV/DV compact player
Sep 2016
News Two
Spectrum Analyzer
Oct 2014

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